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My Vision

My vision is to make fitness simple, sustainable and accessible to everyone that wants to achieve results without feeling overwhelmed and confused. I want to show people how not to complicate fitness, when committing to it!


Fitness Author, Coach and Enthusiast.

Hi! My name is Gwensly, and more than 8 years ago, I couldn't do 3 straight push ups during my first semester of college! I felt embarrassed, so I made a commitment to transform myself. I went from being very skinny to strong and athletic by gaining 45+ lbs of lean muscle. By my second year of college, I was already being asked to join sport programs due to my lean athlete body. My transformation took everyone by surprise, and at this point I knew that I've found a new passion ... FITNESS. 

For the next four years I dedicated myself to fitness and tested various approaches and theories to develop an aesthetic physique. With 5+ years of dedication, I started to help others achieve similar fitness goals part-time. The feedback and praise were phenomenal. And I felt good making fitness easier for others to understand. From this point on, I knew that this could be my calling, so I became a coach and started Gwenslean ... my full-time fitness coaching service that helps clients achieve lean body results!

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