Active Change: Level 2

Level 2

This is the ULTIMATE online 12 week fitness program that requires a 12 week commitment from you. It is designed for those that need an extra push to follow this program within Gwenslean’s private fitness app. It also comes with a 1x weekly video call session to give you the proper support and motivation during your workouts. This video session is also perfect to allow your coach to guide you virtually on your form for specific exercises. This program is fully designed around you, your workout preferences, limitations and fitness goals, and can always be adjusted at any time. It also includes a meal plan that is updated weekly with a weekly grocery shopping list and is made according to your food preferences. Everything that you need for this fitness program, such as exercise demonstrations, habits, and meals are followed and tracked inside the fitness app. This makes it convenient for your coach to keep track of your progress and for you to contact your coach with any questions via the app on a daily basis. Every week there are scheduled calls with your coach to ensure progress, clarification and direction.


** You’ll be contacted within 24 hours of your payment**


Form, Guidance, and Motivation

With a Level 2 Program, you get direct access to your coach via ONE weekly video call session. These sessions typically can be used at the times of your workouts to receive guidance and coaching on your form during exercising. It can also be used to receive that extra push and motivation that you might need to get the best out of your workout! In this program level, this video session can be scheduled once a week for a TOTAL OF 50 mins


Active Habit Calendar

Most other fitness programs out there just expects you to follow a workout and meal plan and hope you get the results. But is different! This program comes with a GAME CHANGER, which is an Active Habit Calendar that allows you to track ‘The Great 8 Traits’. These are 8 fitness habits that Gwenslean instructs you to track daily, weekly and monthly using the point system inside the Calendar. This means that for every habit there is a set amount of points that you can collect that can be then added to your daily points. There’s a minimum amount of points you should collect on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure that you’re performing well. If your points aren’t adding up to these daily, weekly and monthly totals then you’ll know where and how to improve it! 


For Who Is This Plan? 

This plan is great if you need the extra guidance and presence of your coach for motivation to follow to reach your goals. With this plan you also have weekly contact with your coach via phone calls so that any questions and concerns can be discussed. This is why honesty and transparency is key to success here. Are you someone that needs the extra push during your fitness journey? then this package is for you!  



  • 12 Week Program
  • Monthly Custom Workout Plan With Unlimited Adjustments 
  • Weekly Custom Meal Plan With Unlimited Adjustments
  • Active habit Calendar 
  • Weekly Check-ins (via Phone)
  • Contact Support (via The App)
  • Weekly Video Sessions On Exercise Form With Guidance & Support (via Video Call)
  • Direct All - Around Access To Your Coach’s ‘WhatsApp’ / Private Number. 

Level 2: Active Change

  • Within 24 hours you will be contacted by your coach to start the onboarding process of your journey!